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Once upon a time

It’s sometimes funny the things that will sway an opinion, or another’s opinion that will wrap itself tightly in your brain, coming out after it seemed to have disappeared forever… I’ve been doing this with Once Upon A Time, and the season two finale had me, inadvertently, watching with an extra-critical eye. Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, the creators of OUAT, were also the creators of LOST, a show I was never a fan of. This information stays in my brain like an annoying fly that won’t leave the room. As I watch, fully enjoying the re-interpretation of old fairy tale characters and their associations, I wait for the ball to drop; when the pair will spin this show into something I don’t want it to be, albeit, I don’t even know what that means. Jane Espenson, a Hugo winner for Game of Thrones and Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, as consulting producer helps keep these conclusionary jumps at bay. In her I trust, so I continue to watch… (more…)

If you haven’t seen Sal Lizard, fondly known as Vampire Santa, at one of the many conventions occuring around the Unites States, you’re not looking hard enough. A great personality, it’s well worth the stop to check out his table. Don’t forget to pick up your “I slept with Sal” t-shirt! Actor, Author, and CEO of his own production company, Laughing Zombie Productions, Sal provides great conversation (and merch!). We’ll see you again at this year’s Scare-A-con!
Find out if Vampire Santa will be near you: http://www.sallizard.ocm

Here he is at the 2012 Scare-A-Cuse (now Scare-A-Con), talking about some loyal fans.

cover-of-progenyThe Progeny, book one of The Children of the White Lions, by R.T. Kaelin brought epic fantasy back into my life. This type of fantasy was always a favorite of mine; great stories spanning great distances in time, incorporating many characters, some god-like, others as regular as they come, striving over great odds through will alone. That being said, it is an epic fantasy, which also means the overall plot is redundant as only epic fantasy can be. For years, I stopped reading them because of this. I think one of the reasons I enjoyed this book was because of the span of years since reading one.

This being Kaelin’s first book, there are small problems with the language that threw many readers (as inferred from other reviews of this book). I have little problem overlooking minor editing mistakes if the read still flows and the story can pull me through, which this one did, though I’m pretty sure I read a second or third edition, where many errors overlooked in the original had been fixed. If you decide to read this book, which I recommend if you’re a fantasy fan looking for a lighter read, ensure you haven’t picked up the first edition version filled with these kinds of mistakes. (more…)

Sarah_Connor_and_Kyle_ReeseAfter a recent Terminator binge, curiosity to the development of T5 sent me on an internet mission. Salvation had left me especially curious to see where they might take the open-ended plot points with the skewed time-line. Where I’d heard others complain about these liberties, I took it more objectively, despite my great love for this franchise. My grain-of-salt attitude came from the idea that with time-travel anything is possible. My main internal argument stemmed around the idea of how could the original time-line, explained through Kyle Reese, not be changed with the addition of backtracking? Does he not say, …one possible future. And Johns’ message to Sarah from the future suggests the future is not set.

This understanding attitude only goes so far: I was disappointed to hear that the story, may yet again, be altered further off it’s original course, though it’s a bit premature to start loosing my mind, as there isn’t even a finished script yet. All speculation to the story is only that. Arnold Schwarzenegger is rumored to be a part of the project, according to IMDb, though Screenrant has him officially on the project. Either way, there seems to be quite some time before actual information becomes available. (more…)

20130310_220254Most who walk into our living room, look around with a sort-of awed 20130310_220510reserve. Jason Voorhees is the main theme, with other horror movie stuff taking up the rest of the space, including a Predator bobble-head (the Hulk takes up a lot of space as well). Our collection of Alien and Terminator autographed photos have yet to be put up, with a Machiko-Predator painting in the works to fill the main wall.