Comic Review: Rotten #9

Posted: November 17, 2011 by simplytwistedproductions in Reviews
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Do you hate the idea of president that may have taken office illegally? Does the idea of military personal not being allowed to return home after their term of service turn your stomach? Do you enjoy social and political debates and protests? And does all this set against the backdrop of flesh eating zombies in the old west sound amazing? Then why the hell aren’t you reading the fantastic comic book series by Mark Rahner and Robert Horton called “Rotten”?

In this issue we have the conclusion of the current storyline “Revival of the Fittest” where we have Agent Flynn dealing with the protests between the religious groups that do not want Darwin or his books in their town and Agent Wade having his run in with the first appearance of the running zombies. The back and forth between the intellectual debate and the running action between the two stories was very entertaining and kept my interest throughout the story, not just in this issue but through the 3 issues of this storyline. Seeing Agent Wade reacting and finding ways to deal with the fast moving zombies was well played with a mix of fear and in some moments finding the comedy in the situation. And having Agent Flynn raise some of the questions he did, does cannibalism have an evolutionary affect on man, in his search for a rational, scientific explanation for the rise of the walking dead was interesting and a fresh perspective in the zombie genre.

As of this point in the “Rotten” storyline we have no idea why the dead have risen, but there are hints that a mysterious man is involved. But how has not been revealed yet. Also, the fact that there are different types of zombies depending on the encounter sets us up for some interesting and unexpected events and encounters in the future of the comic book.

If you are a zombie fan and you have not checked out this book do so! I highly recommend this series for my fellow zombie lovers. But be warned, this is a graphic book and does not pull punches, it may not be suitable for kids. If your local comic shop does not carry this book do everything you can to get them to carry it. But in the meantime, you can order the first volume of the trade paperback collection at

~Chris Saint


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