The Other Side of Comics…with Ethan Van Sciver!

Posted: November 17, 2011 by simplytwistedproductions in Interviews
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We all take the time to read the many interviews with creators online regarding their current projects. Unfortunately what is lacking from those interviews is the candid and personal questions about the individuals we know and love.

You are not going to get any of those here.

My customers and I at Comic Evolution have come up with a list of randomly generated questions currently totaling over 300 that we pose to any and all artists and writers in the industry who are willing to give it a try. I send them 19 randomly generated questions, and one personalized question.

Our first response was from the insanely talented writer/illustrator Ethan Van Sciver!

Ethan Daniel Van Sciver is best known for his illustrations in a few well known books such as Green Lantern, New X-Men, Impulse, Flash: Rebirth, and Superman/Batman. I first discovered Ethan’s work back when he was roughly 20 years old promoting Cyber Frog, his first published entry into the comic industry (still have my signed ashcan!). He is currently co-writing the upcoming Fury of Firestorm comic with another fan favorite Gail Simone.

***The following questions were asked with no fear of incrimination or personal duress.

As a child, what did you aspire to be in adulthood? Have you grown up yet?

-I aspired to be a paleontologist as a child. And then a comic book artist when I was 12. And no, I don’t think I’m fully grown up yet. Still very much 12 years old in many ways. But some days I feel 75.

If you had to pick a particular form of visual media to best portray your writing, what would you prefer?
-I love movies, so I guess I’d like a movie to be made of something I’ve written someday.

Enjoying a relaxing day walking in the surf at your favorite beach when you see off in the distance someone running in slow motion your direction. Who is it and are they barefoot?
-It’s my wife, Sharis, and she’s barefoot because she bought those new toed sneakers and decided that they suck. So she took them off.

When not creating, eating sleeping, bathing, what are you doing with your time?
-Watching DVDs or shopping with my wife and son.

Where will you be and what will you be doing December 21, 2012?
-Still laughing about the election results and drunk in front of the TV with my family watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

How is your dental hygiene?
Horrendous because of a lousy childhood. But improving.

How do you handle being asked absurd questions? How much of your life did you just waste answering mine?
-These questions aren’t that absurd. Just offbeat. And I’m plowing through them quickly.

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?
-I rolled around in a cemetery with a girl who drank blood once. I was 16.

Turnons? Turnoffs?
-Turned on by creativity and good ideas, turned off by dullards with poor senses of humor.

Everyone always asked what your favorite book/movie/band is. What of any of those do you absolutely abhor?
-I despise the Bible because it’s boring and confusing and I’ve read it 6 times. I despise most chick-flicks, but especially the ones with Julia Roberts or Sarah Jessica Parker in them. Last band I remember really despising was Limp Biskit. Most music doesn’t make me want to kill the band, I just don’t react to bad music. But Limp Biskit was a special kind of lazy idiocy…I wanted to murder Fred Durst.

Boxers? Briefs? Thong? Or diaper?
-Boxer briefs.

What is your best/worst habit?
-Best habit is keeping my environment clean and tidy. Worst habit is spending money on frivilous things.

What song do you find yourself singing in the shower or in the car with no music playing?

-Islands in the Stream, by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. Written by the Bee Gees.

Keanu Reeves. Horrible actor, visionary genius, or immortal?
-Keanu Reeves is okay. Does his thing.

What is the worst place you ever got a papercut?
-The webbing between my index and middle finger. Right hand. Made drawing annoying.

You are stranded on a desert island. There is only one business that will deliver you food. What is it?
-I think I could live on Chinese food forever.

Have you ever had a Hurts Doughnut?
-A few times. Right in the heart.

Make up a new word. I will make it part of my regular vocabulary.
-“RETAHD”. It means a Democrat from Boston.

How many words would it take to tell your life story?

Who, through their own sheer stupidity, inspires you to be a better person?
-The cast of the Jersey Shore.

And that’s it! Simple as that! Thanks again Ethan for your contribution to our first installment! Sty tuned for additional entries from some of your favorite comic creators!

Don’t forget to catch DC’s Fury of Firestorm, on shelves Wednesday September 28th at good comic stores near you, or available same day at Comic Evolution’s online store!


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