The Other Side of Comics…with John Arcudi!

Posted: November 17, 2011 by simplytwistedproductions in Interviews
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We all take the time to read the many interviews with creators online regarding their current projects. Unfortunately what is lacking from those interviews is the candid and personal questions about the individuals we know and love.

You are not going to get any of those here.

My customers and I at Comic Evolution have come up with a list of randomly generated questions currently totaling over 300 that we pose to any and all artists and writers in the industry who are willing to give it a try. I send them 19 randomly generated questions, and one personalized question.

Our second response comes from one of my favorite all time creators. I first discovered John Arcudi way back in the day before I even started collecting comic books. The small town I lived in did not have comic books but the local grocery store had many magazine format books that I fell in love with. Among those were Heavy Metal, Mad Magazine, Cracked and Savage Sword of Conan. It wasn’t long after seeing his writing in both Cracked and Savage Sword of Conan that I started to see his name in comic books and followed him like a hawk for the better part of the last twenty-five years.

For those not familiar with Arcudi’s work, lets run down the list of popular books he has done: The Mask, Robocop, Terminator, Predator, Barb Wire and many other amazing non-movie affiliated projects such as Gen13, Doom Patrol, and my personal favorite Major Bummer. John is currently writing alongside Mike Mignola on BPRD for Dark Horse.

Common sense or street smarts?

I’m so stupid I don’t know the difference.

When you click your heels three times what happens?

My Achilles tendon tear acts up.

What form of technology do you consider a blessing? Which is a curse?

The internet aaaaaand, the internet.

When you lick a stamp, what does it taste like?


Use two words to describe your personality.

Difficult to get along with.

Jason Voorhees is hot on your tail. Do you walk, or run, or _____?

Turn around and ask him for his phonograph.

Strangest website or video you have seen online.

Musafa Midgets with MSTRKRFT

If there was only one condiment in the world what would your choice be?


If you were a Chinese dish, what would you be?

Spicy cashew chicken.

Ever swallow your gum?

Who hasn’t?

Who would win in a fight? Thomas Aquinas or Aristotle?

Thomas Aquinas because he’d cheat.

A disgruntled neighbor kid paints something on the side of your house. What is it?

His last will and testament, if he’s smart.

Do you have a favorite professional wrestler? If not, please make one up.

The Iron Sheik.

What is the worst marketing strategy you have ever seen?

Wear a Sierra! From 1986 or `87. The idea was that the Ford Sierra was to be sold as a fashion statement. Absurd.

Jamie Lee Curtis or Tommy Lee Jones?

Jamie Lee, all the way.

Were drugs, Yoko, or something else responsible for the demise of the Beatles?

Something else called… time!

What would your dream mode of transportation be and where would you go on your first trip?

Rocket car. Rome.

You are an average Australopithecus Africanus. What form of technology would help you evolve quicker?

A friendly Homo Ergaster as a next-door neighbor…. or a rocket car.

Spiders: good or bad. Tell me about your experience.

Not just good, but the best! They’re funny, they scare away wasps (and W.A.S.P.S.), and they’re smart as hell. Think about it; they’re not only tool users, they’re tool makers!

Have you ever had a fan walk away from a conversation with you who had a newfound sense of purpose?

Actually, yes – or so I was led to believe by the reactions of two fans in particular. I sure hope so, anyway.

Thank you John for the complete lack of pertinent information! All good stores should now be carrying two of my top ten favorite comics of all time (and it will take an act of God to remove them from my favorites): A God Somewhere (a newly expanded and revised version is on the shelves) as well as The Complete Major Bummer Super Slacktacular (collecting the entire original series for the first time!)

Chuck Messinger is nobody. He owns a comic book store and likes to promote himself without shame or remorse. If you want to find out more, visit


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