Does Marvel Lack Strong, Independant Female Characters?

Posted: May 24, 2012 by My Geek Thoughts in News
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Last night, Lilith and I (Chris) were up late talking about this article.

If you don’t wanna read the whole thing, the one quote that really upset us was from Joe Quesada from Marvel Comics and he said according to the article:

“…he really doesn’t think there is an actress right now who could carry it, or a character that would work either. I’m thinking I might agree with him on this one actually.”

This kinda pissed us off. No actress right now can carry a famale lead Marvel movie? Such BS! This comment is not acceptable and he should apologize for this. And we were upset with him saying no female character could support her own movie as well.

But… we honestly started to think this over… and is JQ right? I hate to say it, but Marvel really does seem to have a lack of independent, strong, female characters. Now, we do admit there are many great female characters, but they almost all seem to be tied to a team book.

We agreed that DC Comics seems to have more iconic independant female characters that can and have carried their own books. Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Batwoman, Powergirl, etc… but we were hard pressed to think of any on Marvel Comics side. Does Marvel have a female character on the level of Wonder Woman? Do they have a female character that is her own person, not tied to a team or based on a female version of an existing male character?

We really want to know what you think! Please go to our facebook page and answer the poll on there about this. Lilith and Chris would really like to hear what you the readers think.



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