In Search Of The Next Twisted Geek News Girl!

Posted: August 21, 2012 by My Geek Thoughts in Show Updates
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With episode 197 we see the departure of miss Lilith Faire, our latest geek girl and podcast cohost. She has been a great addition to the podcast these past few months but sadly she is leaving us to pursue her own projects. We do wish her the best in whatever she puts her mind to. 🙂

BUT! This leaves a big empty seat at the podcast studio we want to fill. And we are now starting our search for the next Twisted Geek Girl! We want to find that person, that geek, that girl, that will bring something special into the mix and keep making this podcast grow and get better. The official role of this position is Geek News Reporter. This is a list of responsibilities we would be asking of you:

  • Post 2-3 geek news stories a day to the Facebook page.
  • Pick the best 3 to 5 news stories posted that week to Facebook to discus on the news portion of the podcast.
  • When possible (you will be the first choice) attend conventions and events with Chris Saint and handle interviews either on video camera or on audio recorder.
    • Past conventions attended and ones we will be attending include:
      • Rustycon
      • Norwescon
      • Sakura Con
      • Crypticon
      • Starfest (Denver, Co)
      • PAX Prime
      • Jet City Comic Show
      • Aki Con
      • Bellingham ComiCon
      • ZomBCon
    • Past interviews include:
      • John Noble
      • Norman Reedus
      • Sean Patrick Flannery
      • Danielle Harris
      • Mark Shepard
      • Christopher Judge
      • and more…

If you are interested in helping out as out Geek News Girl here is what we are looking for:

  • Live in the Seattle area and be able to make it to South Everett/Lynnwood reliably for a weekly recording session. We typically record on Friday evenings but could be flexible over the weekend.
  • This one may seem obvious but we should state that… You should be a geek girl! We have enough guys on the show and feel it helps the show to have a woman’s point and to make sure we don’t get too stupid.
  • Have geeky passions! We talk a wide range of geek topics but we tend to have discussions around comics books, tv shows, movies, etc. We are pretty open. So having good geeky knowledge is great.
  • The ability to banter and a quick wit. Our discussions are pretty fast and free flowing. Many rabbit trails are traveled through the course of recording a podcast. Being able to keep up is a must!
  • Be able to speak clearly on mic and have a good presence on video.
  • Be able to conduct an interview with both prepared questions as well as being able to come up with questions on the fly.

Now this is not a paid gig, we make enough doing this to cover costs and expenses of running this podcast and some costs of attending conventions and events. But here are some of the things you will get as a member of this podcast:

  • Free press passes to conventions and events. Special access at certain conventions and events.
  • Chances to meet and interview local and hollywood celebrities.
  • You are welcome to keep any items given to us for review that you do written reviews for that are posted on the website. This could include books, games, movies, etc.

If you think you have what it takes and like what we have to offer then we want to hear from you! Send us an email telling us about yourself and what experience you have as well as your geeky likes. Those email submission we like we will meet up and interview. And the finalists will guest on the podcast to see how well the do on a real show. The best will be asked to join the Twisted Geeks Podcast as our new Geek Girl. We are really looking forward to hearing from all of you soon! 🙂

UPDATE! We are taking applications this week but the cut off is on Saturday August 25th at midnight Seattle, WA time.

Twisted Geeks – The Search for the Next Twisted Geek News Girl


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