“Dunderklumpen!” Review

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Let me just start off by saying how excited I am to be here in blog land, blogging about critically non-acclaimed <B rated
movies. Excited I say! Ahéé’héé :D

DUNDERKLUMPEN specs: by Per Åhlin

1974 / 97mins. / English Language / Color / Sweden/Rated G

Picture Quality: A (Source: DVD)

Filmed in beautiful Sweden, showing scenic animated singing mountains & a villainous one-eyed man making his escape across a real-life timber float. It’s about a boy (r) named Jens & hIs missing toys. He wakes to find that some scoundrel has taken his & his sister’s toys. It was Dunderklumpen (a)! He has animated a doll, bunny named ‘Dummy’, & a teddy bear. They willingly go off with him after the promise of a ‘good life & some cake’. He also takes a treasure chest. They then realize, because animated objects sometimes take a moment or two for things to sink in, that they’ve been kidnapped. Dunderklumpen tells them, in song, why. 

Jens is still trying to track them down through the rivers & hills (though I suspect they were in the same place square mile all along), when he comes across Blossom (a), quite the character this lady is. She talks crazy magical words. She leads Jens high on the mountains, whist she floats away using her umbrella. This whole time Jens’ dad has been Looking for him. With the help of a bee poet (a), from Bumbletown. I enjoyed the bees sarcastic mocking humour. The dad is driving, rowing, running, all through the same patch of land.

Blossom gets Jens cornered on some foggy hill. They hear One-Eye (a) & the father yelling out. I found it odd that no matter how many times Jens yelled out to ‘Look, look, there he goes’, dad barely acknowledged it, but he had no problem with the bee. One-Eye is a sinister man trying to fool DK into giving him the treasure chest by throwing tons of money that is just appearing out of nowhere. Neither of them know what’s in it. Dunder’s crew start a small fire in an old woeful house, put it Out, & then leave. I’ve come to think that they were putting in characters to make animated just to show what they could do. At the end,there is a witch that explains why One-Eye is the biggest jerk. He’s just a lonely guy & greed will ruin you. All that was in the box was a feather, rock, & flower. Simple children’s ‘treasures’.

Ready, set, battle: ‘So why is the theiving guy (DK) not the bad guy, & One-Eye is?’ ‘Because he is just a lonely man.’ ‘But so is DK, that’s why he took the toys.’ ‘Well, but he wasn’t greedy.’ ‘What’re you talking about, he dumped his buddies out of his satchel & demanded they help him pick up all the cash.’ ‘Yeah, well, yeah, it was educational, “Don’t be greedy”…’

This is a good movie for it’s time. Awesome 2D animation & live-action combo. They actually did a good job. Again, for 1974. I believe all the songs are original, but they haVe a certain familiarity. Definitely for the kids :)

Review by Shannon G.


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