This is not a blog about Bladerunner

Posted: November 16, 2012 by ro5emary in News

This blog was GOING to be a review of Bladerunner. Unfortunately, the beginning is so fucking boring that I fell asleep, so I said fuck it, and I’m going to review something else: Cosmos! With Carl Sagan! Yay!

We go way back. All the way back to spring semester of last year, when I would hang out with my buddies Carl Sagan and Carlo Rossi on the daily. Ah, yes, they were good times; I would watch an episode and drink sweet, cheap wine for hours on end. I highly recommend it. Cosmos itself is incredibly informative and is entertaining at the same time, probably because Carl Sagan is the shit and can create a show like that. Surprisingly enough, just from watching Cosmos on repeat months ago, I managed to not read a page out of my astronomy book and get an A on the first test. It didn’t really help me on the following tests, but hey, it’s a college science course so I’d hope it’d go into a little more detail than a series on the universe would.

The first time I was introduced to Carl Sagan and Cosmos was when I was in Seattle, at a very good friend’s house, and I was scared shitless from watching way too much Ancient Aliens in one sitting. As a result, my friend suggested that I fall asleep watching Cosmos, because “it’s kind of like Ancient Aliens except factual and not scary.” Basically, it was terrific. I must admit that Sagan’s eyebrows really sealed the deal for me, but I appreciated the way that he relayed information to the viewer. It wasn’t too complex and it wasn’t stupidly basic; it assumes you know the obvious, and teaches you from there.

Only one note on it: Don’t get stoned and watch the last episode. Huge bummer. He talks about how humans are fucking shit up for our planet, and it’s just not very nice to watch when you’re trying to be happy. Other than that, it’s great!


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