Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter

Posted: November 19, 2012 by My Geek Thoughts in Reviews
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I have watched this movie over a dozen times in the last few weeks. My conclusion? I like it, I like it a lot. I prefer villainesses over their male counterparts any day. It’s set in the Old West, & opens in a generic rural town in Arizona. Young people from the local village are dying after going to ‘work’ for the Baroness (Dr.) Frankenstein & her brother (who are on the lam from the law in Europe) in their ‘castle’. After realizing that young bucks aren’t working, & deduction using big scientific words, the Baroness must find someone of brute strength, & feeble mind.

Meanwhile, the outlaw Jesse James & his pal Hank Tracy are introduced in a scene where they are hustling the local townies. They get convinced to join a few other bandits to rob a stagecoach. Trouble ensues & Hank gets shot. A local girl, Juanita, finds them & recommends that Jesse take Hank to the castle.

The Baroness seizes the opportunity. She claims that Hank isn’t getting any better & sends Jesse to a days ride away town to retrieve some much needed medicines. Juanita (whose brother was the opening trial), tries to tell him not to go, that it’s a trick. She uses her feminine wiles to get him to stay. He resists. The prescription paper turns out to be a note confirming that the man holding it is the wanted Jesse James & a shootout betwixt him & a man wanting the reward money occurs. Jesse catches on & starts to head back to the castle. While he’s been gone, the Baroness lobotomizes Hank. With the perfect lightning storm she creates a monster. And of course, calls him Igor. She has him kill her brother & the local Sheriff.

Jesse returns only to be drugged & put on the operating table. Juanita arrives in time to rescue him from any procedures being done. Hank recognizes that Juanita is the one who originally tried to help him & Jesse after he got shot & goes after the Baroness.

But then he turns to take down Jesse. Jesse drops his gun, & rather than seeing him die, Juanita picks it up & shoots Hank. It’s all over. She asks him to stay, of course he can’t. They profess their love for each other, & he just leaves her there with a slight grin on her face & rides into the sunset. Such a fantastic love story. Wait, what? Gets my thumbs up for being able to tie one in. I won’t go into the small part about the savages attacking Mr. James. I’m biased when it comes to Natives (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Movie one of a two movie Shockorama compilation

Review by Shannon G.


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