Cynthi, in 1982, holding her new Tauntaun

Cynthi Marie, called Cindy by most, didn’t realize, until she didn’t care anymore, that science fiction was for the weirdos. Weaned on Star Wars and Star Trek, she found an even greater love between the pages of Dune and Terry Brooks type epics. Asimov gave her a love of smart fiction, finding herself a fan of techno-thrillers, usually disappointed that there isn’t more techno with the thriller.

With the recent fail of Lucas and the Star Wars franchise, Cynthi has gone back to revisit other loved movies, looking at them with new eyes. Alien and Aliens remain at the top, as well as the Terminator franchise. Predator, more specifically the novels with Machiko Noguchi, have become newly re-found favorites as well. Newly able to watch Fringe, thanks to the wondrous Amazon Prime, has filled the void of television shows to love since Joss Whedon moved to film.

Her biggest regret is that she never got to play much D & D, as she spent too much time playing basketball and soccer. This jockishness of her youth has kept her a fringer on the geek culture, as she still spends too much time experimenting with workouts and diets, (check out her blog shutthehealthup). Her new motivation for this fitness craze is her desire to play her own character, Serena Keerth, in a how to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse fitness video series.


Cynthi, with Jason, of Monstrosity Entertainment, filming for F.I.T. to Survive

When not playing video games in her coveted Weyland-Yuntani t-shirt, her head is usually buried in an e-book; often multiple books being read at a time to satisfy different mental-tudes. See her Goodreads account if you’re curious, where you can also find book reviews she’s done, mostly for self-published, independent works. The rest of her time is typically filled with writing one of a number of novel’s she never seems to finish, as well as a screenplay here and there.

Deciding a full-fledged attempt to FINISH one, or more, of her projects, Cynthi created her own production company, Stealing Shade Productions in 2012. The first project undertaken through this venue is a comic book, based on a story Cynthi started two lifetimes ago. Another current focus of SSP is a novel, whose characters Cynthi named the production company after. She is on the look out for alpha & beta readers for this work.

Getting involved on an independent movie project a few years back, using a script she wrote, awoke Cynthi to the world of movie making, a huge fulcrum point in how she expressed her art to the world. With her partner company, Monstrosity Entertainment, film production has become a constant in her life. Currently in production on a horror film, Cynthi plans to draw on these experiences, and share them with the Twisted Geeks of the world!

What do you want to hear about? Connect at FB, Twitter, or stealingshade.com.


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