Galaxy Note II: Projects Simplified

Posted: March 5, 2013 by Stealing Shade in Reviews
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I don’t typically feel qualified to review technology, but in this case, I thought my new device was truly worthy of sharing, especially because of my layman point-of-view.

About a year ago, I saw the commercial for the Galaxy Note, and was instantly enamored. I’m not a techno person really. I get the new gadgets as they go obsolete, significantly lowering both price tag and inner turmoil surrounding said gadget. For whatever reason, this gadget I didn’t want to wait for.

Finally deciding I could and would use the newest bit of tech, I set out to buy one, knowing I could get a refurbished one at an extremely discounted price. As I made the move to finally buy, I realized the Note II had arrived. Pausing to determine whether I needed the one or two, I again put off the purchase to check things out.

Ultimately, what made me decide to splurge on the newest model was that the Note I is a first, so had the aspects that suggests. The Note II addressed issues that all firsts can have, as well as having the added features of the next generation.


A great selling point for me on going to the Note are the editing tools. With multiple apps that use either QWERTY, or the included stylus, any project I’m working on can easily be synced and manipulated, including WordPress (this post is being done 100% using my Note), .docs, pictures, and there’s even a video editing app (I’m hoping to experiment with this at Transworld next weekend). Because of the versatility, I don’t have to carry my Kindle, and netbook, and phone, and pen & paper.

image Most people laugh at the size of this phone when they first see it. While it is big, after a couple days the size seems normal, and its weight is less than the Iphone 4. Sleek, the phone easily stays in a front or back pocket.

Syncing projects through Dropbox, and notes with Evernote, were a synch to download and adapt to, the stylus making note taking even easier. Voice and video notes are also simple, the included app (S Note) allowing either to be placed inside a text note.

Even when utilizing this awesome piece of gadgetry, the battery continues on strong. The first couple of days of my vacation, when I really got to play with all the features, as I purposefully left my other tech toys at home to force myself into relying only on this one piece, I had the Note in my hand through the entirety of the day, still barely getting the battery under 50%.

There’s still quite a bit I haven’t played with, mostly with the camera and video features, since I’m mostly a text person. We’ll see if this fancy new gadget will help me broaden that into video, which was part of the plan.


Also, if you’re worried about switching from the Iphone, I haven’t missed anything. I had missed widgets with my original switch to Apple, and having them back is great. Having swipe back on the keypad is also a great thing. Adding text this way is easier than being able to write or with the stylus. Don’t know about swipe? Check it out.

If you’re someone who uses any cloud service to sync projects, and is on the go, or has use for creating presentations or manipulate pictures and video, I’d recommend giving this cool tool a shot. If you’re more of an everyday Facebooker and Web surfer, this is an unnecessary upgrade.

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