Game Review: DC Comics Deck-Building Game

Posted: March 25, 2013 by My Geek Thoughts in Reviews
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81BChoStoTL._SL1272_The DC Comics Deck-Building Game by Cryptozoic Games is a card game based on the recent DC Comics New 52 Reboot. In the game, each player randomly plays as one of the founding members of the Justice League (Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and Cyborg). The different starting heroes have different in game bonuses. Each player takes turns building up their own deck from the central deck using power points. Players buy super powers, equipment, and even use their power points to defeat (buy) villains and super villains which then can be used as either power points to purchase more items and powers or to attack other players. The games continues until either the central deck is empty or all the super villains are defeated. The player with the most victory points is the winner.

I will admit, when we were first going over the rules the game seemed little more then each person taking a turn and buying cards from the central decks line up and repeat until a player had enough points to buy/defeat the current super villain. This did not seem like a fun system to me. As we went through the rules, which were rather easy to learn and remember once we got started, it quickly became apparent that this game was more fun then it appeared. As with any card game, the key to success is not just knowing how to exploit the rules in your favor, but learn each card, what ones work well in combination with each other, and what ones work the best with the hero you are playing.

If your only experience with deck card games is Magic the Gathering this game is nothing like Magic. This is NOT a collectable card game. The box has everything you need to play. You do not build your own deck before playing. Each player builds up their own deck during the game from a central deck and line up. Once the game is over all the cards go back into the original deck you pulled them from.

We played 2 games with 3 players. I am very happy to say I won both games! 🙂 The first one I quickly learned the bonus of buying up all the Suicide Squad cards. In the end I had 4 of them and they gave me a huge bonus in the game. How did they? Play and find out! The second time we played I was The Flash. His first bonus is The Flash ALWAYS goes first, he’s fast! And his second bonus is whenever I get to draw a card I get to draw a second card. I quickly started buying up cards that would let me draw cards. Within a matter of a few turns, I was flying through my deck doing and buying a lot during my turn, just like The Flash!

Now there are just some inherently weird things about this game. Since each player is a super hero and you have to buy super powers, equipment, locations, other heroes, and even villains and super villains what you play during your turn can be a little weird. At one point I was Playing Green Lantern operating out of the Fortress of Solitude and I played the Batmobile and Green Arrow’s bow… yea, let’s see THAT happen in the comics! But if you can get beyond the oddity of doing that kind of stuff you will have fun… in fact, you may have more fun laughing at what plays out during the game.

There are a couple things I would like to see if they ever do a second addition or come out with expansion packs. REALLY? No Nightwing!!! That NEEDS to be fixed! I can see future expansion pack coming out with more powers, heros, villains, etc. Maybe a New Gods… Teen Titans… etc. Also, I really think there should be an incentive for a player playing a certain super hero to collect that heroes items. Have extra victory points if the player playing Batman has the Batcave, the batmobile, the utility belt, etc. It would certainly add a new level for players to buy certain items to keep them out of the hands of other players.

The game itself is well made, the cards are good quality with great art from the comics on them. The box is well made and is great for storage of the game. I do not see this game in any danger of falling apart from normal to slightly rough game play, we may have tossed a card or two at each other during play.

This is a fast to learn, fun to play, quick to master game that is a must for any DC Comic fan. We all enjoyed this game and are looking forward to playing this game again soon.


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