Review: The Black Bat #6

Posted: October 16, 2013 by jeighpike in Reviews
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In the 6th issue of Dynamite’s Black Bat, our hero discovers the connection between the  Brute and the man he kidnapped. After determining the connection between the two, Black Bat figures out where the kidnapped police are being held. He is able to rescue them, but finds out the Brody has been forced to take a bomb into the Courthouse. As Black Bat arrives, he smashes through a window, and warns everyone to get out of the building, but immediately realizes that this is the worst thing he could have done.

Brian Buccellato is doing a fantastic job fleshing out a character that is trying his hardest to bring end some of the violence that is plaguing his city. Each step is a little harder for him, and he is developing because of it. Meanwhile Ronan Cliquet is illustrating the story very well, creating panels that really allow the story to move, and is aided very well by the colors of Mat Lopes which set a great tone for the gritty story.


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