Episode 310 – Our Twisted Flashpoint

Posted: May 5, 2014 by My Geek Thoughts in Twisted Geeks Podcast
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T20140319151353!The_Amazing_Spiderman_2_posterhis week Chris and Jeigh talk over geek news, this weeks comics, Amazing Spider-Man 2, and a bunch of random stuff.

Big announcement! This will be our last weekly episode of The Twisted Geeks podcast. We feel the show has run it’s course and want to switch things up. The podcast is NOT ENDING! We are switching to a monthly format, details are included in this show. And Chris will be doing a new weekly podcast, focusing on comic book, called The Geek Scene. The Facebook page is up for that show but the website is still being worked on. Thank you for listening and we hope you continue listening to the new Twisted Geeks format (with 100% more Twisted Goodness!) and check out The Geek Scene too.

This episode brought to you by Phantom Zone Comics.

Visit us at www.twistedgeeks.com. And leave us voicemail at (347) 433-5791. Produced by Chris Saint.

Phantom Zone Comics

Episode 310 – Our Twisted Flashpoint


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