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Crypticon 2013 We’ve been trying to make it to Seattle for 3 years to join in on the fun of Crypticon. It was great that this year was the year we finally made it, coming from Central New York to hang out with the west coast horror scene.  Advertisements

The Progeny, book one of The Children of the White Lions, by R.T. Kaelin brought epic fantasy back into my life. This type of fantasy was always a favorite of mine; great stories spanning great distances in time, incorporating many characters, some god-like, others as regular as they come, striving over great odds through will […]

Coffin X, a novel by A. Kale, was a great story idea. Unfortunately, the style chosen to portray the story just didn’t work. Flipping between characters from chapter to chapter, each written in first person definitely developed curiosity for the story, but grew tedious quickly. Changing the perspective of the entire book would have created […]

Cynthi Marie, called Cindy by most, didn’t realize, until she didn’t care anymore, that science fiction was for the weirdos. Weaned on Star Wars and Star Trek, she found an even greater love between the pages of Dune and Terry Brooks type epics. Asimov gave her a love of smart fiction, finding herself a fan […]

Most who walk into our living room, look around with a sort-of awed reserve. Jason Voorhees is the main theme, with other horror movie stuff taking up the rest of the space, including a Predator bobble-head (the Hulk takes up a lot of space as well). Our collection of Alien and Terminator autographed photos have […]