The Twisted Geeks are a group of friends and geeks located in and around Seattle, WA. Together we try and bring to you some of our view, reviews, and commentary of not only the Pacific Northwest geek scene but how we feel about the realm of geek entertainment and lifestyle around the world… and beyond!


Chris Saint
The Mastermind and Sci-Fi Guy… Fueled by a mix of unbridled arrogance, unrecognized ignorance, and an undiagnosed mental condition, Chris began podcasting in 2007 with “The Jesus Geeks” podcast which eventually transformed into “Twisted Geeks” in 2010. Chris was a member of the Farpoint Media family of podcasters at the beginning of 2009 to the beginning of 2011.

Being a life long geek, Chris has enjoyed sci-fi and horror in all it’s forms from movies to TV, books to podiobooks, comic books to graphic novels, boardgames to video games and RPG’s. Chris has even been known to LARP, twice now (first because of a woman, second because of zombies). His influences are Arthur C. Clark, Orson Scott Card, Frank Herbert, Joss Whedon, George Romero, Kevin Smith, Sid Meiers, Sailor Jerry, Scott Sigler, Tee Morris, and Jesus.

Chris’ other projects include an audiodrama he started writing in early 2009 called “On The Edge Of Darkness” about a group of professional zombie hunters. If you are a Facebook user you can follow Chis on his page here!

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Professional Side-kick…

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Ford Sparkles
Unintentional Humor Specialist…


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