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The Transition…

Posted: May 13, 2014 by My Geek Thoughts in News

The age of the weekly Twisted Geek Podcast has come to an end. We are remaking this show into something else… something more fun… but in the meantime things might not be working the best as this site is being worked on.

BUT! If you still want to hear Chris and his comic reviews and comic related news and and stuff please check out his new show, THE GEEK SCENE!



The Flash’s full costume

Posted: March 11, 2014 by jeighpike in News


The Flash’s full costume

CW and DC have released images of the full costume Grant Gustin will be wearing in The Flash TV show.

Episode 295 – This Weeks News and Reviews

Posted: January 20, 2014 by My Geek Thoughts in News
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This week Chris, Jeigh, and Kahn discuss this weeks geek news, this weeks comics, and the return of Arrow and other TV shows. This episode brought to you by Card Kingdom and Phantom Zone Comics.

Visit us at And leave us voicemail at (347) 433-5791. Produced by Chris Saint.

Card Kingdom

Phantom Zone Comics

Episode 295 – This Weeks News and Reviews

Episode 290 – Christmas Wish List

Posted: December 26, 2013 by My Geek Thoughts in News
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1530461_678504225514402_1885715293_n***WARNING!!!*** This episode is one of our most innuendo filled drunken podcasts! Listen at your own peril!!!

This episode Chris, Kara, Kahn, and Jeigh go over their geeky Christmas wish lists as they enjoy some peppermint schnapps for the Holidays! This episode brought to you by Card Kingdom.

Visit us at And leave us voicemail at (347) 433-5791. Produced by Chris Saint.

Card Kingdom

Episode 290 – Christmas Wish List


Doctor Who – The Night of the Doctor

Posted: November 15, 2013 by thewonderfulbillyflynn in News

If, by some strange chance, you have not seen the latest and most amazing Doctor Who mini-episode ever…… go watch it right now! A damaged spaceship is hurtling towards a planet as the lone occupant asks the computer for help.  Though she means a distress signal, the computer suggests a doctor. As she argues with the computer, a voice behind her says “I’m a Doctor, but probably not the one you were expecting.” So begins an adventure that evokes the Doctor’s past and sets the stage for the 50th anniversary. This almost seven minute adventure is packed with humor, drama, back story, firsts for the series, and……Spoilers, Sweetie.


relicI just finished reading Green Lantern Annual #2, the conclusion to the “Lights Out” event, and became very infuriated when closing the back cover. I am a huge fan of the Green Lantern universe. I always answer, without hesitation, that Green Lantern is my favorite superhero. I have always been willing to debate why he is better than any other superhero out there. However, this issue is a perfect example of why I feel like I can’t recommend recent issues of any of the GL titles to people right now. When telling people how great it is, I have to tell people to go read storylines from a few years ago.

This issue, and overall event, had all the elements of what I can’t stand in most superhero comics right now. Nothing is really changed at the end. I know that not every story arc can be some huge universe changing event, but they shouldn’t be billed as such either. The preview for the book even said “Relic arrives on Oa as this massive story kicks off! Can the different Lantern Corps come together to stop this powerful enemy? Lights Out will see Lanterns die, others change allegiances—and nothing will be the same ever again! Trust us: We MEAN IT!” (more…)


LA’s Ultimate Pop Culture Experience to Host Celebrities, Exclusives, Reunions, Gaming, Shopping and More

Santa Monica, CA – October 22, 2013 – Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo presented by POW! Entertainment, and co-owned by the largest producer of trade shows and events in the nation, Advanstar Communications, Inc., returns to Los Angeles next month. Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo kicks off this November 1-3, 2013 at the Los Angeles Convention Center and promises an incredible experience for fans of comics, gaming, horror, sci-fi, fantasy and anime. This year’s event will feature an amazing line-up of attractions from vendors and exhibitors, interactive contests, celebrity autograph signings, screenings, renowned panel sessions and gaming tournaments.

“I’m beyond excited for this year’s Comikaze Expo,” stated Stan Lee, Chairman and Founder of POW! Entertainment. “Comikaze continues to grow bigger and better every year and the offerings this year are going to be immensely enjoyable for all of our attendees. It’s great to have such a fun-filled expo that attracts the Hollywood crowd just as much as the geek, comic and gaming crowd and it’s all right here in our backyard – Los Angeles!”

This year fans can experience NERD Black Friday and also have access to geeky shopping, see all the new toys, games and movies as well as meet all of their favorite actors and celebrities. Fans can shop from retailers like Hot Topic, Toynamii, Mattel, Tokidoki as well as from new emerging artists and creators.  These retailers have created exclusive items available only at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo. (more…)