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Damsels10-Cov-Aneke-REVIn issue 10 of Damsels, we her the story of how Ash and Snezana’s pasts are intertwined. It is revealed that they were switched as infants, and Ash grew up with Snezana’s human family, and was treated very poorly because she was different. Meanwhile, Snezana was raised by Ash’s troll parents, and was loved as their own. It wasn’t until Snezana decided that she wanted to meet her real family that Ash was freed from the burden and hardships put on her by her foster family. That is when Ash and Snezana go off on an adventure together. (more…)



Dynamite Entertainment’s CryptozoicMan takes place in a world going through what is referred to as the “after-times”. It is initially set-up to seem like it is post religious apocalypse, or something of that sort, but then it is shown that aliens have actually come and altered humans to be deformed creatures.

The narrator of the story, Alan Ostman, tells of how he used to live is a small town in Washington State before he came into contact with the aliens. Much of the first issue centers on Alan’s encounter with a pig like creature, with flashbacks showing his experience with the aliens that experimented on him. We find that the pig-like creature is actually trying to make Alan realize that the aliens are using him, and that they are responsible for the death of his daughter. Alan seems interested in what the pig has to show him, and joins him to find out the truth about his daughter. (more…)

ImageIn issue 2 of the Codename Action miniseries from Dynamite, we see Operative’s 5 and 1001 get closer to uncovering who is behind the Doppelganger scheme. However, just when they have devised a plan to track down the perpetrators, their tracing device is found, and removed, leaving an agent in the clutches of the enemy. (more…)


In the 6th issue of Dynamite’s Black Bat, our hero discovers the connection between the  Brute and the man he kidnapped. After determining the connection between the two, Black Bat figures out where the kidnapped police are being held. He is able to rescue them, but finds out the Brody has been forced to take a bomb into the Courthouse. As Black Bat arrives, he smashes through a window, and warns everyone to get out of the building, but immediately realizes that this is the worst thing he could have done. (more…)


A couple weeks ago, the very same weekend that Theros was released, another Magic the Gathering product was released as well, the expansion for the 2014 Duels of the Planeswalker on the Xbox 360 and other platforms. With this expansion we get 5 new playable decks, additions to the campaign, and more challenge matches. For the Xbox 360 the expansion is $4.99 and you will need the main game to run this.

I have to admit I have not finished the campaign mode so I only got a taste of the new addition to the campaign. And the new decks were nice but not as much fun as the green deck I have been running and unlocking cards for since I started playing the game. Once I finish the campaign mode with the green deck I will play through again and give the new decks a run thru. They look good, with one looking better then the rest but I will find out for sure soon. (more…)

Magic the Gathering Theros Review

Posted: October 1, 2013 by My Geek Thoughts in Reviews
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1196_ino5e8iqv9_theroslogoWe recently saw the release of the latest expansion set for Magic the Gathering, Theros. The world of Theros is heavily inspired by the myths of Greek and Roman history, a subject I know and love. Many of the cards in this set, 249 cards in total, are brand new to the game with a few reprints from previous sets. With Theros we see the release of many new game mechanics and card types. I wll review these cards and mechanics in two ways; in limited format, the Theros set being played by itself, and in Standard format. (more…)

M14LogoAbout a week ago we saw the release of the latest Core Set of Magic the Gathering, M14, from Wizards of the coast. This is the card set that sets the foundation for the next year of MTG, especially if you play in Standard format tournaments. With M14, we see the return of many classic favorite cards such as the Nightmare, Sengir Vampire, Shivan Dragon, as well as some great new additions to Magic.

Compared to the last block released, Return to Ravnica (which included the Return to Ravnice, Gatecrash, and Dragon’s Maze expansion packs) this set is a scaled back and very simple set. This is back to the basics, only the five base colors and artifacts to play with. Gone are the multi colored cards, fused cards, and duel lands.

Do not take this as a sign of less to do in this set. Each color does have its great strengths and abilities and combining them in your spell deck will still make for great play. Also, if you have been thinking of getting into MTG but it looked a bit overwhelming this is the perfect jumping on point. M14 has all the basic cards to start your own collection. (more…)