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  1. Great Podcast, both of you! Just a heads up, you may already know this, but Wilfred was an American remake of a little low budget – no special effects – Australian show by the same name and starring the same actor as Wilfred – Jason Gann. Definitely worth a look!

    Cheers and keep up the good work!

    S. Sean Tretheway

  2. Jeff Stewart says:

    Met you guys at Rustycon at our Gnome Party and want to drop you a note. Thank you for the nice review on the meads and the party in general. We will be doing a big party at Norwescon, All’s Faire and some other events this year. Hope we can collaborate in the future to keep the geek community strong.

  3. chrissaint says:

    Sounds great and not a problem as long as you keep the mead flowing! Look us up on Facebook and keep in touch!

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