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My Time at Aki Con 2011

Posted: November 17, 2011 by simplytwistedproductions in Conventions, Reviews
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This past weekend, in the middle of my running around Seattle experiencing all the geeky goodness this town has to offer, I was able to attend Aki Con, an Anime Convention in Bellevue, on Friday and Saturday. As most of our long term listeners/readers know, I (Chris) have an interest in some Anime but I will admit I am far from an expert on the genre as a whole. I have my loves, Robotech, Cowboy Bebop, Bubblegum Crisis, etc…, but those by today’s standards are a bit old. So my going to Aki Con was hopefully going to be a learning experience. (more…)


If being a geek was like being a boy/girl scout and we could get badges for our experiences in the geek culture I would have epic failed my badge certification at Sakura-Con! Now, this is completely my fault. You see, this past weekend I was given the great honor of attending and covering Sakura-con in Seattle, WA by the con organizers, and I had an amazing time. This had to be the largest convention I have ever covered in my time as a podcaster and also one of the best run. Sakura-Con was held at the Washington State Trade and Convention Center, an enormous facility that hosts some of the biggest events that come to Seattle. To give you an idea, on my first day I wandered around four floor of panels, vendors, and open areas for fans to hang out and was amazed at everything I saw. But the thing is, when I got home and gave the booklet for the con a better look, I found out there was a fifth floor! So I had to go back (not like I didn’t want to) and explore the fifth floor with even more panels and an artist alley. (more…)