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This week Chris and Kara talk this weeks comics, Kick Ass 2, Friday Night Magic, E.V.E. Online, and the big topic; Kara responds to Mark Millar and Todd McFarlane comments about comic books not being for women. This episode brought to you by Card Kingdom and Phantom Zone Comics.

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Episode 265 – Are Comics for Women?



AA_014_PULLBOX_WALSHThis October, the mad, mad, mad Archer & Armstrong event of the year goes all the way back to mummy times to reveal the history mystery behind the conflict that’s coming – yes, folks, it’s the unholy origin tale of the conspiracy behind Sect Civil War

Valiant is proud to present the first look inside Archer & Armstrong #14 – the FIRST ISSUE of Sect Civil War, an all-new, four-issue mini-event from New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente (Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel Zombies) and Harvey Award nominee Khari Evans (Harbinger)! (more…)


AA_011_COVER_PEREZ_2Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of Archer & Armstrong #11 – the second sensational chapter of “Far Faraway,” the all-new story arc by New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente and rising star Pere Perez

Flying saucers! Dinosaurs!  Flight 19! The lost colony of Roanoke! History’s most mysterious figures have all wound up in the time-lost world called The Faraway – and now so have Archer & Armstrong! Can Valiant’s greatest conspiracy-busters find their way out before they’re trapped forever? And get those insurance premiums paid up before reading the last page revelation – because jaws will drop! (And probably have to be reattached surgically.) (more…)

This week Chris and Kahn are joined by new Twisted Geeks contributors Kara and Jeigh as they discuss what makes them geeks, this week in comics, the DC Animated Movie “Superman: Unbound”, a spoilerific discussion of “Iron Man 3”, and much more… Brought to you by Card Kingdom!

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Episode 251 – Superman Unbound

AA_010_PULLBOX_DOEValiant is proud to present an advance preview of Archer & Armstrong #10 – the FIRST ISSUE of an all-new story arc from New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente and rising star Pere Perez! “Far Faraway” starts here! Out of the pages of Archer & Armstrong’s saga-smashing zero issue and into the modern day, Valiant’s conspiracy-busting adventurers are about to set out on their most dangerous mission yet – infiltrate Area 51!

Mary-Maria, Archer’s arch-nemesis/love interest/adopted sister is back and dead set on taking over The Sect – by any means necessary. What better way to seize control of the most secret of secret societies than by unlocking their most secretive of secrets inside the secretest place on Earth? Now, as Mary-Maria sneaks her way inside Area 51 to claim a long-hidden prize, Archer & Armstrong are about to discover the forbidden history that binds America’s blackest black ops base to the time-lost lands of the Faraway – and wind up fighting their way through each of its tightly guarded mysteries, one punch at a time. (more…)

This week Chris is all by his lonesome after the game day ran long. This week he talks up Starfest in Denver, Co for the week and Crypticon Seattle next month as well as an upcoming contest for a pair of weekend tickets. He also talks up their game day, what’s happening this week at Card Kingdom, Seattle’s ranking as the “Nerdiest city in America” and some other news. Then it’s comic book time before Chris interviews comic creator/artist Tyler Kirkham about his upcoming comic “Screwed” by Zenescope Comics as well as some of his other work. Brought to you by Card Kingdom! (more…)

Written by JAMES ASMUS
Cover by RYAN SOOK
Pullbox Exclusive Variant by MARCOS MARTIN
Variant Cover by ANDREW ROBINSON
QR Voice Variant by TOM FOWLER

Writer James Asmus (Thief of Thieves, Gambit, The End Times of Bram & Ben) and artist Tom Fowler (Venom, Hulk: Season One) punt the world’s worst superhero team headfirst into the Valiant Universe! 

Once upon a time, Eric and Woody Henderson were inseparable. Adopted brothers. Best friends. Brilliant minds. Years later, they are estranged siblings, petty rivals, and washed-up failures. But when their father’s murder leads them into the throes of a life-altering scientific accident, Eric and Woody will find themselves with a whole new purpose – and a perfectly legitimate reason to wear costumes and fight crime. Go big or go home, folks! Quantum and Woody are coming! And the action-packed, zeitgeist-shredding exploitation stunt comic you demanded is here at last.  (more…)