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What a great idea to parallel a show with a game. Being the first, it’s bound to be more flawed than fun, but that’s what firsts have to go through: the growing pains to pave the way for the rest, and why shouldn’t SyFy, known for extremely poor movies, but great regular programming, be the one to do it? Partnered with Trion Worlds (who has backing from Time Warner Investment and Comcast Ventures), whose Rift was both critically and economically successful, seemed like a great way to make this venture as successful as it possibly could. (more…)


This week Chris has the full crew back with Kahn, Ford, and AJ. It’s a full slate of topics as they talk about geek news, comics, Defiance, Zombieland Pilot, Injustice, Magic the Gathering Dragon’s Maze pre release, Oblivion, and much much more! Also, don’t forget about the Crypticon Contest we are running!!! Brought to you by Card Kingdom. (more…)

Chris comes at you this week fresh from his trip to Starfest 2013. He recaps some of the highlights, low lights, and all the stuff in between that he can remember about his 5th year in a row going to Denver for Starfest. Also, he talks about some news stories, Crypticon and PAX, and a few reviews for Defiance and Injustice. Brought to you by Card Kingdom.

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