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Magic LogoJace Belerin’s quest to discover what is behind all of the strange happenings in the most revered plane in the Multiverse is coming to a close, with Ravnica’s 10 guilds poised to run the Implicit Maze and unlock the power at its heart. 

Today, Wizards of the Coast released Dragon’s Maze: The Secretist, Part Three, the third and final e-book in a three part series in the form of a novella, written by Doug Beyer, writer and creative designer on the Magic: The Gathering R&D team.  (more…)


1101_jesd1ii575This past weekend we had the release of “Dragon’s Maze”, the final set of Magic the Gathering cards in the Return to Ravnica series. With Ravnica, we have the concepts of the Guilds operating in the city of Ravnica. Each Guild is a combination of two colors of mana. Azorius is a guild that combines the colors of White and Blue mana while Rakdos is the combination of Back and Red mana. With all the combinations of the five colors of mana we are given a total of ten guilds battling for power in Ravnica. (more…)

Ten Guilds, One Destination!

Dragon’s Maze, the final set in Magic: The Gathering’s Return to Ravnica block, is now available!

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This week Chris has the full crew back with Kahn, Ford, and AJ. It’s a full slate of topics as they talk about geek news, comics, Defiance, Zombieland Pilot, Injustice, Magic the Gathering Dragon’s Maze pre release, Oblivion, and much much more! Also, don’t forget about the Crypticon Contest we are running!!! Brought to you by Card Kingdom. (more…)