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Once upon a time

It’s sometimes funny the things that will sway an opinion, or another’s opinion that will wrap itself tightly in your brain, coming out after it seemed to have disappeared forever… I’ve been doing this with Once Upon A Time, and the season two finale had me, inadvertently, watching with an extra-critical eye. Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, the creators of OUAT, were also the creators of LOST, a show I was never a fan of. This information stays in my brain like an annoying fly that won’t leave the room. As I watch, fully enjoying the re-interpretation of old fairy tale characters and their associations, I wait for the ball to drop; when the pair will spin this show into something I don’t want it to be, albeit, I don’t even know what that means. Jane Espenson, a Hugo winner for Game of Thrones and Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, as consulting producer helps keep these conclusionary jumps at bay. In her I trust, so I continue to watch… (more…)


Cynthi, in 1982, holding her new Tauntaun

Cynthi Marie, called Cindy by most, didn’t realize, until she didn’t care anymore, that science fiction was for the weirdos. Weaned on Star Wars and Star Trek, she found an even greater love between the pages of Dune and Terry Brooks type epics. Asimov gave her a love of smart fiction, finding herself a fan of techno-thrillers, usually disappointed that there isn’t more techno with the thriller.

With the recent fail of Lucas and the Star Wars franchise, Cynthi has gone back to revisit other loved movies, looking at them with new eyes. Alien and Aliens remain at the top, as well as the Terminator franchise. Predator, more specifically the novels with Machiko Noguchi, have become newly re-found favorites as well. Newly able to watch Fringe, thanks to the wondrous Amazon Prime, has filled the void of television shows to love since Joss Whedon moved to film. (more…)