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SWXWThis week Chris is joined by Ford as everyone else is having fun at a con. They talk some geek news, this weeks comics, and Chris talks to Ford about getting his wife into geek entertainment. Also, they talk a little about X-Wing Miniature game. This episode brought to you by Card Kingdom and Phantom Zone Comics.

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Episode 305 – Geek Teaching


This week both Kahn and Ford are off on person stuff so our new gaming intern AJ fills in as he and Chris talk geek news, this week in comics, a report from International Table Top Day, and they review ‘Evil Dead”. Also, get ready for Starfest! It’s coming!! Brought to you by Card Kingdom!

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Starfest 2013

Episode 246 – Evil Dead

SWXWIn Fantasy Flights “Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game” you take control of either the Rebel or Imperial side ranging from a single fighter all the way up to however big of a squad you can command. This is a table top dog fight style game where you try to out maneuver your opponent and get into a good firing position to shoot them out of the sky. The base set comes with everything you need to start. The imperials get two TIE Fighters and the Rebels get an X-Wing to start. There are expansion packs to allow you to add more X-Wings and TIE-Fighters along with adding Y-Wings, Advanced TIE-Fighters, TIE-Interceptors, A-Wings, Slave-1, and the Millenium Falcon. Each ship comes with modification cards that let you select the pilot as well as extra weapons, defenses, and other things to help you win the game. Squads are designed around a point system and every item, ship, and pilot has a value assigned to them.

Gameplay is fun and fast. Each ship has a maneuver dial that you have to select how your ship will move this turn. All players assign movements at the same time so no one has any advanced knowledge of where an enemy ship will be when the shooting starts. Ships then move according to their piloting skill, both sides at the same time. This can lead to some interesting ship placement or no possible targets at all. This is part of the fun of this game, trying to figure out your opponents plan and work around it. This simulates an old style dogfight the best. (more…)