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Cindy is not the biggest fan of barbecue. Not that she doesn’t like it, it’s just not the food genre she’d choose to eat, so when she found herself waiting in a line that was close to wrapping around the building for “famous” barbecue, she wasn’t that thrilled, famous or not. Jason, a bigger fan of barbecue didn’t mind waiting, but did say that it “better be really *#$! good.”

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The pepsi sign on the left is a sign asking that people don’t block the entrance to the restaurant next to Pappy’s. Poor souls were not that busy.



It’s all about the snacks!

Hovering around everything I love, in a never quite satisfied way, is the question of food. Behind all I do is the slight panic of when, and where, my next meal adventure will take place. Included in this, and possibly above regular meals, are snacks, which are always appropriate at any non-meal time, including, and maybe most importantly, during game time.

I suppose what kind of game is being played might make a difference in the types of snacks that are most efficient in satisfying all requirements of these two past-times. As I’m typically a console or PC gamer, with virtually zero table-top/card gaming experience, my opinions are based on this. My guess is there would be similar issues with consistent hands on games. Hmmm, maybe I should’ve played more WarHammer. Definitely an easier game to choose snacks around… (more…)