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New Booster Pack and Content Update Available Now

Gold_TabAppHillside, NJ & Cary, NC – July 15, 2013 – The recently launched TabApp™ Elite today received a new update adding new content and physical figures based on Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ blockbuster title, Man of Steel, featuring the legendary DC Comics Super Hero Superman.  The free update is available now, and a new Booster Pack containing two new figures, Superman and General Zod, have hit store shelves. (more…)



CWP_Final_RedBring Strategy Puzzle Building Platform to iPad®  


Hillside, N.J. & Cary, N.C.—July 12, 2013—Game creators WizKids/NECA and MFV are inviting players to Connect With Pieces™…on the go! Developers today announced the arrival of Connect With Pieces™ for iPad®, taking puzzle gaming to a new level. The first installment of the new app features custom puzzles from the hit film Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures PACIFIC RIM, and is available for download, free on the App StoreSM today.


Based on the hit puzzle building platform designed by Joel Weinshanker, president and COO at NECA and board game designer Mike Elliott, the new app incorporates the platform’s exciting strategic gameplay, optimized for mobile devices. The app features single and pass-n-play game modes and a selection of custom PACIFIC RIM branded puzzle images.


App Features: (more…)


What a great idea to parallel a show with a game. Being the first, it’s bound to be more flawed than fun, but that’s what firsts have to go through: the growing pains to pave the way for the rest, and why shouldn’t SyFy, known for extremely poor movies, but great regular programming, be the one to do it? Partnered with Trion Worlds (who has backing from Time Warner Investment and Comcast Ventures), whose Rift was both critically and economically successful, seemed like a great way to make this venture as successful as it possibly could. (more…)

SWXWIn Fantasy Flights “Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game” you take control of either the Rebel or Imperial side ranging from a single fighter all the way up to however big of a squad you can command. This is a table top dog fight style game where you try to out maneuver your opponent and get into a good firing position to shoot them out of the sky. The base set comes with everything you need to start. The imperials get two TIE Fighters and the Rebels get an X-Wing to start. There are expansion packs to allow you to add more X-Wings and TIE-Fighters along with adding Y-Wings, Advanced TIE-Fighters, TIE-Interceptors, A-Wings, Slave-1, and the Millenium Falcon. Each ship comes with modification cards that let you select the pilot as well as extra weapons, defenses, and other things to help you win the game. Squads are designed around a point system and every item, ship, and pilot has a value assigned to them.

Gameplay is fun and fast. Each ship has a maneuver dial that you have to select how your ship will move this turn. All players assign movements at the same time so no one has any advanced knowledge of where an enemy ship will be when the shooting starts. Ships then move according to their piloting skill, both sides at the same time. This can lead to some interesting ship placement or no possible targets at all. This is part of the fun of this game, trying to figure out your opponents plan and work around it. This simulates an old style dogfight the best. (more…)

81BChoStoTL._SL1272_The DC Comics Deck-Building Game by Cryptozoic Games is a card game based on the recent DC Comics New 52 Reboot. In the game, each player randomly plays as one of the founding members of the Justice League (Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and Cyborg). The different starting heroes have different in game bonuses. Each player takes turns building up their own deck from the central deck using power points. Players buy super powers, equipment, and even use their power points to defeat (buy) villains and super villains which then can be used as either power points to purchase more items and powers or to attack other players. The games continues until either the central deck is empty or all the super villains are defeated. The player with the most victory points is the winner. (more…)

Game coverWith International Table Top Day coming up on Saturday March 30th we felt like we should revisit some of the board games we reviewed in the past on the podcast and get the review written down for all to see. One of the first board games we got was “Fortune and Glory” by Flying Frog Productions. If you want to hear our original review you can go and listen to it on episode 162 of the podcast. Quick and to the point, we loved this game! It was a great time and we had some good fun with it.

“Fortune and Glory” is set during the late 1930’s. It has a very pulp comic feel of the likes of Doc Savage and some of those movie serials that inspired Indiana Jones and the Brandon Frasier “Mummy” movies. This is all about world trotting adventure where your character seeks fortune and glory!Everyone’s character is different but very recognizable as a character type from adventure stories set in the 30’s. You have the news paper reporter, the mad scientist, the dashing rogue, the arrogant noble, and many more. Each character has their own set of skills and attributes to help overcome the challenges in the game. (more…)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review

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250px-XCOM_Enemy_Unknown_Game_CoverYea, I know XCOM: Enemy Unknown has been out for a while, SORRY! Been distracted and working through our backlog of reviews. One of the reasons for my backlog is I am STILL playing this game even though I have beat it MANY MANY times on different levels of difficulty. So, you can tell this will be an overall positive review.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown by Firaxis and 2K Games is a great turn based role-playing tactical overview game. It is also a good reimagining of the original 1990’s X-Com: UFO Defense by Microprose. I am a huge fan of the original X-Com, second only to the Civilization series. I still have my laptop with the original version of this game, but the laptop needs a fix right now. So when I saw at last years PAX that 2K would have this released on the Xbox 360 I nearly geek’d myself!  I preordered this right away and played after grabbing it at a midnight release. (more…)