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This episode Chris, Jeigh, and Kara go over their bests of’s and biggest disappointments of 2013. This episode brought to you by Card Kingdom.

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Episode 292 – The Bests and Biggest Disappointments of 2013


Sarah_Connor_and_Kyle_ReeseAfter a recent Terminator binge, curiosity to the development of T5 sent me on an internet mission. Salvation had left me especially curious to see where they might take the open-ended plot points with the skewed time-line. Where I’d heard others complain about these liberties, I took it more objectively, despite my great love for this franchise. My grain-of-salt attitude came from the idea that with time-travel anything is possible. My main internal argument stemmed around the idea of how could the original time-line, explained through Kyle Reese, not be changed with the addition of backtracking? Does he not say, …one possible future. And Johns’ message to Sarah from the future suggests the future is not set.

This understanding attitude only goes so far: I was disappointed to hear that the story, may yet again, be altered further off it’s original course, though it’s a bit premature to start loosing my mind, as there isn’t even a finished script yet. All speculation to the story is only that. Arnold Schwarzenegger is rumored to be a part of the project, according to IMDb, though Screenrant has him officially on the project. Either way, there seems to be quite some time before actual information becomes available. (more…)


I have watched this movie over a dozen times in the last few weeks. My conclusion? I like it, I like it a lot. I prefer villainesses over their male counterparts any day. It’s set in the Old West, & opens in a generic rural town in Arizona. Young people from the local village are dying after going to ‘work’ for the Baroness (Dr.) Frankenstein & her brother (who are on the lam from the law in Europe) in their ‘castle’. After realizing that young bucks aren’t working, & deduction using big scientific words, the Baroness must find someone of brute strength, & feeble mind. (more…)

“Dunderklumpen!” Review

Posted: October 15, 2012 by My Geek Thoughts in Reviews
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Let me just start off by saying how excited I am to be here in blog land, blogging about critically non-acclaimed <B rated
movies. Excited I say! Ahéé’héé :D

DUNDERKLUMPEN specs: by Per Åhlin

1974 / 97mins. / English Language / Color / Sweden/Rated G

Picture Quality: A (Source: DVD)

Filmed in beautiful Sweden, showing scenic animated singing mountains & a villainous one-eyed man making his escape across a real-life timber float. It’s about a boy (r) named Jens & hIs missing toys. He wakes to find that some scoundrel has taken his & his sister’s toys. It was Dunderklumpen (a)! He has animated a doll, bunny named ‘Dummy’, & a teddy bear. They willingly go off with him after the promise of a ‘good life & some cake’. He also takes a treasure chest. They then realize, because animated objects sometimes take a moment or two for things to sink in, that they’ve been kidnapped. Dunderklumpen tells them, in song, why.  (more…)

Director: Marc Web
Comic Written By: Stan Lee
Marvel Comics

The Amazing Spider-man is based on the popular comics from Marvel that were created by Stan Lee. It tells the story of Peter Parker who was bit by a spider, and soon he gained some of the abilities of this genetically altered spider. During the course of the movie, he tries to find out the trust about what happened to his parents while learning how to control these new abilities. He soon faces his first villain, the Lizard. Parker fights to save Dr. Connors from the serum that has turned the scientist into the vengeful creature, while keeping the city safe and not getting shot by the cops. This is the beginning of the legacy that is Spider-Man. Beware, spoilers ahead… (more…)

Last night I was given the opportunity to screen the first six or so minutes of 2012’s most anticipated movie, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Spokane was one of only 13 cities in the world that got an early look at the opening scene to the final film in Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy. So I went through a lot for just the first 5% of the film. Was it worth it? Find out my SPOILER FREE thoughts after the jump.


Mark’s MUPPETS Review!

Posted: December 29, 2011 by simplytwistedproductions in Reviews
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There are many things from our childhood that we can look back upon and really love as if we are still kids. Usually once we actually do re-experience those things in our adulthood they lose something. Very rarely though there are things that actually get better once we our adults or we re-connect with them on a different level. For me one of those things has been my love for the Muppets.

As a kid I grew up with the Muppets, whether it was THE MUPPET SHOW or one of the many movies. (1978’s original MUPPET MOVIE being the best of the bunch and one of the movie I have seen the most in my lifetime.) I loved them for being funny on a very basic level. As I got older though, I actually appreciated them more. I began to get the self-referential humor, how well thought out all of the individual characters are and how perfectly they all fit together as a unit. The Muppets really are one of the best examples of great kid’s entertainment. There are things for both kids and adults to enjoy on different levels. I am getting off track a little here and I could turn this into a 1200 word essay on my love for the Muppets but this isn’t what you are here for. So, I am going to trust that you just believe me when I say that I am a big fan. Knowing that you should now understand that I had high hopes for this new “reboot” and it was my most anticipated movie of the second half of this year.