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Game coverWith International Table Top Day coming up on Saturday March 30th we felt like we should revisit some of the board games we reviewed in the past on the podcast and get the review written down for all to see. One of the first board games we got was “Fortune and Glory” by Flying Frog Productions. If you want to hear our original review you can go and listen to it on episode 162 of the podcast. Quick and to the point, we loved this game! It was a great time and we had some good fun with it.

“Fortune and Glory” is set during the late 1930’s. It has a very pulp comic feel of the likes of Doc Savage and some of those movie serials that inspired Indiana Jones and the Brandon Frasier “Mummy” movies. This is all about world trotting adventure where your character seeks fortune and glory!Everyone’s character is different but very recognizable as a character type from adventure stories set in the 30’s. You have the news paper reporter, the mad scientist, the dashing rogue, the arrogant noble, and many more. Each character has their own set of skills and attributes to help overcome the challenges in the game. (more…)