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In the spirit of Halloween, Pre-Dating Speed Dating will be hosting a Zombie Speed Dating event on October 30th. Men and women, ages 21-39, are invited to participate in the event, which will be held at Amber Restaurant & Lounge, 2214 1st Ave, Seattle, WA at 7 p.m.

All participants are encouraged to get zombified for the event. However, make-up artists will be on hand to assist individuals with the corpsification process. Those who would like to utilize the make-up artists abilities must arrive at least one hour prior to  the function.

To register for the event, please visit Cost of attendance is $25, but enter the promo code “brains2012” and receive a $5 discount.

For additional information, please contact Nicholas Wrycha at


The Undead Situation by Eloise J Knapp is very similar to the 1949 classic post-apocalyptic novel in that our main character is almost unaffected by the downfall of society. Cyrus V. Sinclair (the V stands for a Variety of Awesome) has been capable of surviving on his own long before the zombie apocalypse, and does just as well after the dead start to rise. He is so stagnant in his life that it takes a while in the book before you even realize this is a male character. This is before Gabe falls into his life while trying to escape from an oncoming horde, and naturally this throws a huge wrench in Cyrus’ bachelor life style. Despite being polar opposites, they decide to venture out together and see if they can find Frank, Cyrus’ only friend and a fellow survivalist who lives in a cabin somewhere in the wild lands of Washington. (more…)

Sandy Claws brought me a kindle for Christmas, and I decided to break it in by reading The Darkness by Crystal Conner, which had been sitting as a pdf file on my computer for far too long. This is most definitely a niche-genre book, but it really is worth a read by everyone because of just how unique it is. Conner is one of those women who radiates strength with great intensity, and it shows in her writing. The two women this novel centers around have quite a bit in common – they are both proud black women with great knowledge of the boundaries of science and magic, and both have used this knowledge to achieve great success. Artesmisia is a alchemist turned jeweler, who used the profits from her Bigger-Than-Tiffany’s corporation to run a top secret research lab determined to crack the mysteries of the universe. Inanna is a sorceress (more…)

ZomBcon – The Tom Savini Panel

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Tom and Sean from the Night Crew podcast host a panel with horror effects legend Tom Savini at ZomBcon 2011.

Tom and Sean from the Night Crew podcast host a panel with Norman Reedus and Melissa Cowan from “The Walking Dead” at ZomBcon 2011.

ZomBcon – Sid Haig Interview

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Morgue Anne interviews horror movie legend Sid Haig during his appearance at ZomBcon 2011.

Morgue Anne interviews Judith O’Dea from “The Night of the Living Dead” during her appearance at ZomBcon 2011.