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I have watched this movie over a dozen times in the last few weeks. My conclusion? I like it, I like it a lot. I prefer villainesses over their male counterparts any day. It’s set in the Old West, & opens in a generic rural town in Arizona. Young people from the local village are dying after going to ‘work’ for the Baroness (Dr.) Frankenstein & her brother (who are on the lam from the law in Europe) in their ‘castle’. After realizing that young bucks aren’t working, & deduction using big scientific words, the Baroness must find someone of brute strength, & feeble mind. (more…)


“Dunderklumpen!” Review

Posted: October 15, 2012 by My Geek Thoughts in Reviews
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Let me just start off by saying how excited I am to be here in blog land, blogging about critically non-acclaimed <B rated
movies. Excited I say! Ahéé’héé :D

DUNDERKLUMPEN specs: by Per Åhlin

1974 / 97mins. / English Language / Color / Sweden/Rated G

Picture Quality: A (Source: DVD)

Filmed in beautiful Sweden, showing scenic animated singing mountains & a villainous one-eyed man making his escape across a real-life timber float. It’s about a boy (r) named Jens & hIs missing toys. He wakes to find that some scoundrel has taken his & his sister’s toys. It was Dunderklumpen (a)! He has animated a doll, bunny named ‘Dummy’, & a teddy bear. They willingly go off with him after the promise of a ‘good life & some cake’. He also takes a treasure chest. They then realize, because animated objects sometimes take a moment or two for things to sink in, that they’ve been kidnapped. Dunderklumpen tells them, in song, why.  (more…)