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Sarah_Connor_and_Kyle_ReeseAfter a recent Terminator binge, curiosity to the development of T5 sent me on an internet mission. Salvation had left me especially curious to see where they might take the open-ended plot points with the skewed time-line. Where I’d heard others complain about these liberties, I took it more objectively, despite my great love for this franchise. My grain-of-salt attitude came from the idea that with time-travel anything is possible. My main internal argument stemmed around the idea of how could the original time-line, explained through Kyle Reese, not be changed with the addition of backtracking? Does he not say, …one possible future. And Johns’ message to Sarah from the future suggests the future is not set.

This understanding attitude only goes so far: I was disappointed to hear that the story, may yet again, be altered further off it’s original course, though it’s a bit premature to start loosing my mind, as there isn’t even a finished script yet. All speculation to the story is only that. Arnold Schwarzenegger is rumored to be a part of the project, according to IMDb, though Screenrant has him officially on the project. Either way, there seems to be quite some time before actual information becomes available. (more…)


We all take the time to read the many interviews with creators online regarding their current projects. Unfortunately what is lacking from those interviews is the candid and personal questions about the individuals we know and love.

You are not going to get any of those here.

My customers and I at Comic Evolution have come up with a list of randomly generated questions currently totaling over 300 that we pose to any and all artists and writers in the industry who are willing to give it a try. I send them 19 randomly generated questions, and one personalized question. (more…)