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If you haven’t seen Sal Lizard, fondly known as Vampire Santa, at one of the many conventions occuring around the Unites States, you’re not looking hard enough. A great personality, it’s well worth the stop to check out his table. Don’t forget to pick up your “I slept with Sal” t-shirt! Actor, Author, and CEO of his own production company, Laughing Zombie Productions, Sal provides great conversation (and merch!). We’ll see you again at this year’s Scare-A-con!
Find out if Vampire Santa will be near you: http://www.sallizard.ocm

Here he is at the 2012 Scare-A-Cuse (now Scare-A-Con), talking about some loyal fans.


I don’t typically feel qualified to review technology, but in this case, I thought my new device was truly worthy of sharing, especially because of my layman point-of-view.

About a year ago, I saw the commercial for the Galaxy Note, and was instantly enamored. I’m not a techno person really. I get the new gadgets as they go obsolete, significantly lowering both price tag and inner turmoil surrounding said gadget. For whatever reason, this gadget I didn’t want to wait for.

Finally deciding I could and would use the newest bit of tech, I set out to buy one, knowing I could get a refurbished one at an extremely discounted price. As I made the move to finally buy, I realized the Note II had arrived. Pausing to determine whether I needed the one or two, I again put off the purchase to check things out. (more…)