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Back in 1993, an employee of my then comic and game shop showed me these new gaming cards called “Magic: The Gathering”. His name and the name of the store are forever lost to the haze of being an elder geek, but it was in Great Northern Mall just north of Syracuse, New York. I was a huge geek, being a Role Playing Gamer and comic collector, but I was a little skeptical over these cards. I played D&D since I was in elementary school, progressed to Rifts (and others Palladium games) and knew all about the fantasy genre but I was not sold on a collectable card game.

Magic was the first that I can remember to try and do this, card packs are randomized, you never know what you will get, and there were different levels of rarity. At first I turned down the game but I started seeing it everywhere. It was all over college and my friends finally won me over. I got my first set of cards and I was hooked. I was one of the few that started with the Alpha release (well, I am damn sure they were, black borders and all). (more…)



New Organized Play Programs

Kaijudo Set Premiere (Beginning March 16)

Celebrate the new set, participate in activities and earn promo cards while experiencing the best of organized play! Kicking off with the newest set, DragonStrike Infernus, Set Premiere will be held every first Saturday following a Kaijudo expansion release.

Kaijudo Duel Day (Beginning April 5) (more…)

D&D Next: Conversion Notes Debut!

Posted: January 30, 2013 by My Geek Thoughts in News
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Wizards of the Coast has just released the first D&D Next conversion notes (as part of the latest playtest packet), which will be available for use with all future D&D Encounters seasons. Beginning with the Against the Cult of Chaos season, which commences on February 6, players will need to decide which version of D&D they want to play – D&D 4th Edition or D&D Next – when they create their Encounters characters during the first week. (more…)

This fall, Magic: The Gathering fans will return to the most revered plane in the Multiverse – Ravnica, a world covered entirely by city and ruled over by ten powerful Guilds. On October 5th, the Return to Ravnica set will kick off an exciting new block featuring the ten Guilds and will reveal new conspiracies and schemes that threaten to shake the foundations of the world.


This week Chris, Ford, and Kahn talk comics, news, and (along with Seattle Geeky Girl Amelia) talk up PAX Prime. Also, we have an interview with Andy Velasquez, Lead Producer, Cryptic Studios about the new upcoming game “Neverwinter”.

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Episode 199 – PAX Prime 2012

AUGUST 30, 2012 – SEATTLE – Wizards of the Coast will be represented in full force at PAX Prime (August 31 – September 2) in Seattle, where they will be showcasing all of the latest digital and tabletop products from Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons during engaging activities both on and off the show floor.  Magic: The Gathering will give fans the first glimpses of the upcoming expansion for Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 in a daily challenge with the team from LoadingReadyRun.  Dungeons & Dragons will invite players to awaken their inner darkness in the Rise of the Underdark campaign and experience a live D&D game with the Penny Arcade and PVP creators in the Paramount Theater.


Wizards of the Coast is thrilled to announce that the excitement surrounding D&D Next continues with the next phase of public play testing, which will kick off on Thursday, May 24th. (more…)