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It’s all about the snacks!

Hovering around everything I love, in a never quite satisfied way, is the question of food. Behind all I do is the slight panic of when, and where, my next meal adventure will take place. Included in this, and possibly above regular meals, are snacks, which are always appropriate at any non-meal time, including, and maybe most importantly, during game time.

I suppose what kind of game is being played might make a difference in the types of snacks that are most efficient in satisfying all requirements of these two past-times. As I’m typically a console or PC gamer, with virtually zero table-top/card gaming experience, my opinions are based on this. My guess is there would be similar issues with consistent hands on games. Hmmm, maybe I should’ve played more WarHammer. Definitely an easier game to choose snacks around…

Snacking Problems

Chips are a great go to: crunchy (a typical main criteria) with tons of flavor choices. My default is typically Doritos, but as a


gaming snack, they’ve left me irritated. Orange residue streaked across controllers and keyboards is not a consequence I’m willing to face, even above my addiction of junk food. This being the case, Cheetos, Cheez-its (especially the white cheese ones), etc,  are not good picks. Even sour cream and onion can leave an annoying trace over everything touched.


Chocolate covers a large assortment of snacks to pick from, so much so it needs it’s own entire aisle in grocery stores, arguably bigger than the chips aisle, making it a great choice for snacking. Finding a flavor combo within a multitude of chocolate varieties is doable for most palettes, which can even become a hobby in itself. Unfortunately for me, I am a slob, more often than not, creating chocolate bombs embedded into both clothing and furniture to be found at a later time. Not nearly as big of a problem as orange cement, but still taking chocolate off the perfect list.

I never considered cookies a gaming snack. Rarely were they in the snacky category in my mind as they miss the basic criteria of crunchy. I know, I know, chocolate isn’t crunchy either, unless you get it with almonds and other such texturing ingredients (which I do, so it does fit this criteria in my case. You may be missing out if you haven’t checked all doors of chocolatey goodness). Recently, we couldn’t find chocolate chips for cookies, so decided to sub peanut butter M&M’s. This twist of fate made me realize what I’d been missing (& inspired this post). Delicious sugary goodness, with a candy coated crunch (I ate way more than my fair share. I ate more than a few peoples fair share actually)… If you’re not quite a baker, I found that packaged cookies can be a good substitution, as long as they’re not the soft ones. Remember, crunchy.


Fans of gummy things: worms & bears, sour patch kids, and the works: I

abhorrently disagree with your choice of snack, though I can see where they might be a great gaming snack. They’re not crunchy, but whatever. The gobs of gummy sucrose that inevitably get suctioned to some part of your gums may be a pleasant experience for some, but I am not in that realm. I welcome all to try and change my mind on this. I do like twizzlers…

What’s on Tap?

Mountain Dew is generally considered to be the drink of gamers. There was an entire WoW line even. I was once an addict of the ecto colored beverage, and still believe it to be a valid choice. Unfortunately, I’ve cut most of my soda intake out, so have had to replace this addiction with another.
Coffee is a great love of mine. More so


since I quit smoking and have to fill my hands with something (don’t be gross), and soda is off the table. Tea is also something I’ve been broadening my horizons with. While both coffee & tea are great drinks, neither are my gaming drink of choice. Have you ever grabbed a scalding hot drink in the seconds between fights, forgetting it’s a hot drink? Or, on the opposite end, you don’t get to drink it before it goes cold. Annoying and wasteful. On the topic of drinks, I’m still deciding.

■What are your favorite gaming snacks?


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