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Cynthi, in 1982, holding her new Tauntaun

Cynthi Marie, called Cindy by most, didn’t realize, until she didn’t care anymore, that science fiction was for the weirdos. Weaned on Star Wars and Star Trek, she found an even greater love between the pages of Dune and Terry Brooks type epics. Asimov gave her a love of smart fiction, finding herself a fan of techno-thrillers, usually disappointed that there isn’t more techno with the thriller.

With the recent fail of Lucas and the Star Wars franchise, Cynthi has gone back to revisit other loved movies, looking at them with new eyes. Alien and Aliens remain at the top, as well as the Terminator franchise. Predator, more specifically the novels with Machiko Noguchi, have become newly re-found favorites as well. Newly able to watch Fringe, thanks to the wondrous Amazon Prime, has filled the void of television shows to love since Joss Whedon moved to film. (more…)


Welcome aboard Chuck Messinger!

Posted: November 17, 2011 by simplytwistedproductions in Behind the Scenes
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In an ongoing effort to cover all aspects of geek loves we welcome aboard Chuck Messinger as our resident Comic Book contributor. Chuck runs Comic Evolution in Puyallup, WA and on the internet as well as heading up the indy comic publisher Creator’s Edge Press. Chuck will be supply segments on his picks of the week as well as opinions, news, and rumors in the world of comics. Keep checking the website and podcast for his blogs and other contributions! Read some more about Chuck on our “About” page.